What an honor it is to have joined the AugustHeart team in 2022. As a donor and volunteer, I watched this organization grow to achieve incredible milestones throughout its 11-year history. Now, as I step into the Executive Director role, I am thrilled to be part of AugustHeart’s next chapter and grateful for the tireless dedication of each person who has helped write the AugustHeart story.

2022 was yet another remarkable year for AugustHeart. We screened 7,864 students, identifying 57 who were at risk for a sudden cardiac event and surpassing the milestone of 60,000 students screened since the organization’s beginning—but these numbers only tell part of the story.

Every year we hear from families whose lives have been impacted by AugustHeart, and this year was no different. Whether or not their child was identified as having a heart abnormality, the stories the families told were ones of appreciation.

We talked to parents of children with no symptoms or family history of heart conditions who received referrals to cardiologists.
We also spoke with families whose children were diagnosed, treated, and resumed normal activity within a matter of weeks. We heard from numerous parents for whom the screening brought peace-of-mind and reassurance in the wake of the pandemic.

All of these families expressed their gratitude for the free service and gift of knowledge that AugustHeart provides.

With each passing year, we are reminded that there is still work to be done, and we begin 2023 with a renewed sense of hope and purpose. Thank you for being part of our story.

Cathy Klumpp, Executive Director

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Message from the Mother of Zaylen K. Zakaria, 15 Years Old

AugustHeart saved Zaylen’s life! We only chose to do the screening because we had COVID and I was afraid of any effects from that. In April 2022 the screening at Clemens HS caught Zaylen’s WPW.

We got a notice from the head athletic trainer that Zaylen’s screening was abnormal, and he was placed on the ineligible list. Zaylen was so disappointed that he couldn’t play spring football. He felt he was fine. Zaylen never displayed symptoms, and we were never advised that there was an issue with his heart. I’ve later learned that this is not something that is caught in a regular physical.

I immediately begin seeking a pediatric cardiologist from the list provided by August heart. I called everyone on the list and began looking in Dallas and Houston. Dr. Bush called back first thing the next morning and asked me to bring Zaylen in that day! We had a follow up to get more thorough views of Zaylen’s heart. Dr. Bush then gave us the plan.

The great thing is that Dr. Bush was very honest, compassionate, and understanding. Three weeks later Zaylen was recovering from the successful ablation performed by Dr. Bush! Dr. Bush is amazing and when he told me he sat on the board as an advisor I just knew we were beyond Blessed.

The procedure went so much faster than we expected. Zaylen took it easy for the next two weeks and went back to see Dr. Bush who then cleared him to participate in athletics. Zaylen had a successful JV football season ending the season as the starting safety for the Clemens buffaloes.

Zaylen was initially apprehensive but after understanding the procedure as explained by Dr. Bush and the impact it would have on his future, he was ready. Zaylen is looking forward to a Varsity season next year!

Mignon Tolbert






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Message from a Cardiologist

The last year of screening saw continued success in identifying those individuals at highest risk for sudden cardiac events, including those with high-risk accessory pathways (Wolff- Parkinson-White syndrome) as well as individuals at risk of developing unstable ventricular arrhythmias (Long QT Syndrome and Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy). In the case of the former condition, permanent cures could be effected, while in the case of the latter conditions, potentially life-saving therapies could be offered.

And yet, despite these very important achievements, I am personally even more proud of the expanding success we have had with transitioning to an all-electronic form of electrocardiogram and echocardiogram screening. Moving to this approach has dramatically increased the accuracy of readings and has enabled the staff of AugustHeart to bring screening to even more diversified groups of students than before. Perhaps even more importantly, it has helped to lay the groundwork for potential future use of artificial intelligence strategies to enable screening of even larger cohorts of students with potentially higher accuracy than physician reviews alone!

With the continued efforts of all of the volunteers, donors and other program supporters, I remain confident that we can continue to expand the screening efforts of AugustHeart. On a very personal note, I am truly grateful and inspired by all of them. Additionally with the continued evolution of screening technologies, I am both incredibly excited and optimistic that we can improve even further the rapidity, accuracy and acceptability of cardiac screening so that no family has to endure the tragic, unexpected loss of a young family member.

In gratitude and service,
David Bush, MD, PhD


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Augustus Cummings Koontz passed away at age 18 in his sleep from an undiagnosed heart condition called hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (HCM). HCM is a problem of the heart muscles where the bottom chambers are too thick and can cause heart failure. August was a senior at Central Catholic High School with sights on being a Horned Frog at TCU when he graduated. His zest for life and compassion for others was the measure of his greatness. He had a huge heart and will forever be remembered because of the lifesaving work done by AugustHeart.

AugustHeart was founded by Doré and Bart Koontz in May 2011 with a bold vision, to establish a free community-wide cardiac screening program for teens to identify and help those at risk of a sudden cardiac event.



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AugustHeart Founder


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